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To The Couch!

Posted: October 4, 2013 in T.V.

Simpsons CouchAside from the fact that The Simpsons has been one of the most iconic television shows of the past 20 years (seriously, there are guys now playing professional hockey who have grown up with The Simpsons producing a new episode every week!), one of the things that has really stood out has been “The Couch Gag”. For every new episode, the show will give you a new intro with the family rushing to the couch. Yesterday, the internet was buzzing because film director Guillermo del Toro (whose works include Pacific Rim and HellBoy) got to create this piece of art for the upcoming Treehouse of Horrors. Check it out:

This got me thinking of some of the other great intros the Simpsons have done recently. Let’s take a look.

Breaking Bad:
While the attempt was decent, it felt a little odd to have Marge to be the one cooking and Homer as Heisenberg only because you wanted someone to do both (and after seeing Ned Flanders as Walter White, I think he should have been the one doing the cooking if he’s the one who knock-diddily-ocks).

Game of Thrones:
The actual show has one of the best opening themes around; you immediately get jacked up for the show and the fact that it’s a good show in general kicks it up a notch. Their intro is great and watching The Simpsons take on their own version where they raise up the town of Springfield is hilarious and well thought out.

Simpsons Dandelion:
This doesn’t seem to be that great on the surface compared to the other but put it into perspective: the show created a contest and allowed people to submit their ideas for a “Couch Gag”. Name me another show that has opened up to their audience (and, no, Who’s Line Is It Anyway? doesn’t count) and allowed them to write and direct an opening to the show? Probably never has happened nor will happen again.

Robot Chicken Simpsons:
Hands down the best intro they’ve done to date. The most detailed, time consuming, and all around humorous. You can actually watch how it all came together here, here, and here and it’s all for a less-than-two minute intro. Very cool to see the process and then the end result.

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