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Third and Ugh! – Week 4

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Sports

Due to time conflictions this week’s edition of “Third and Ugh” (the NFL point spread picks my buddy Spence and I like) has been written out in an email exchange. Please give it a read, you can email your feedback here and if you’re going to gamble do so responsibly. Enjoy! (Home team in bold.)


Hey Spence,
Here are this week’s lines and what I like/don’t like.
SF (-3.5) vs Stl – SF is very, VERY tempting…
Bal (-3.5) vs Buf – DON’T SUCKER ME IN, BUFFALO!!! DON’T!!!
Ari vs TB (-3.0) – Home team gets the points? Still not a fan….
Pit (-1.0) vs Min – Kinda like Minny here…but not sure if I “$10-like” them…
NYG vs KC (-4.5) – I like this one for KC; I think people are still weary on taking them.
Ind (-9.5) vs Jak – Hmmm….maybe???
Sea (-3.0) vs Hou – YES! Houston hasn’t proven anything to me this season.
Cincy (-4.5) vs Cle – Sorry, Cleveland, but it has to be done.  
Chi vs Det (-2.5) – Wait. You have a 3-0 team who’s NOT the favourite in this?? DA BEARS!
NYJ vs Ten (-3.5) – Like an element left on, DO NOT TOUCH!
Wash  vs Oak – NOT UP YET
Philly vs Den (-11.5) – I like Philly and here’s why; Denver (while at home) played late Monday. They might win but Philly isn’t THAT bad and they played on Thursday (so lots of time to prepare).
Dal (-2.5) vs SD – Noooooope.
NE at Atl (-1.5) – I would hope the Falcons would rebound after losing to Miami but not a fan of this game.
Miami vs Saints (-6.5) – I don’t know which Saints team will show up…and I don’t know which Dolphins team will…stay away.

Hey Chris,

So we’re 4 weeks in and I think we GOTTA come up with at least 2 of 3 this weekend to restore any credibility. And that’s just credibility between you and I! I’m not even considering the hole we’ve dug on the podcast. I’m glad you titled it “Ugh”

Before I start looking through the junk pile, I would like to mention Rule #3 when betting on NFL games. “Don’t put any stock into a BIZARRO week.” Let me explain.

Bizarro is the anti-Superman from an alternate universe. Now before I go too deep, let’s just all agree that Week 3 was mostly an alternate universe NFL and not put any stock into most of the unexplainable results.

SF (-3.5) vs Stl – There’s word going around that the league has gotten wise to the ‘Read Offences’ being run by both SF and WSH. I’ll pass until they string together a few wins.
Bal (-3.5) vs Buf – Especially after a convincing win by BAL over HOU last weekend – see Rule #3
Pit (-1.0) vs Min – I could see Brett Favre disconnecting his phone back at the ranch because AP just won’t stop calling.
NYG vs KC (-4.5) – Giants going 0-4. KC going 4-0. What’s not to like. Ride them while their hot.
Ind (-9.5) vs Jak – Just a bit steep for my tastes. I like my Colts vs Bad Teams at under -6.5 pts
Sea (-3.0) vs Hou – Just a FG?! Agreed.
Cincy (-4.5) vs Cle – Big division match-up. CLE won last weekend, but that’s redundant (see Rule #3) and they are still pretty horrible at playing football (see Rule #1 from earlier podcast – “In the early going, always bet against bad teams”). We’re not through September yet. Still early enough for me.   
NYJ vs Ten (-3.5) The guy on *network that shall not be named* Tuesday Morning QB refers to TEN as the Flaming Thumbtacks. That’s all I got.
Philly vs Den (-11.5) – You’re right, this is too much. Let’s take the points.
Dal (-2.5) vs SD – In my best Yoda voice: The suck factor is strong in both these teams.
NE at Atl (-1.5) – Poor ATL. Can’t get away from the AFC East. Wait, did I just say that…
Miami vs Saints (-6.5) – Waiting for the real 8-8 MIA to show up. I like the Saints at home.

KC (-4.5) over NYG
SEA (-3.0) over HOU
CIN (-4.5) v CLE
PHI over DEN (-11.5)
It’s looks like you really like SEA. I’m good with taking them because they are so consistently great instead of CIN.




The thing with Bizarro Week is that you usually can’t predict when it will creep up on you; it’s usually week 3 but it always kills us. So to recap:
KC (-4.5) over NYG
SEA (-3) over HOU
PHI (+11.5) over DEN
Sounds good? Also, how was the BP weekend?


I’m good with the picks.

The bachelor party was great. In a nutshell: the cottage was huge, everybody had a bed, they had a snooker table, we dressed Davis up in a McDonald’s French Fry costume, he had to carry around a blow-up doll all day (if we caught him outside of arms-reach of her, he had to take a whiskey shot), we ate extremely well (one of the guys made delicious pulled pork from scratch), dragon boat losers had to jump in the lake, Cuban cigars, everybody brought a mickey of whiskey, roasted the groom, & Slurry Worth made an appearance for good measure.  

Good luck to us!



Where the f*** did you find a McDonald’s Fry costume? Yes, out of everything, that was my biggest question.


His younger brother brought it. Never asked.


(Some things are better left going unanswered; this, however, is not one of those things.)

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Third and Ugh – Week 3

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Sports

Spence and I take our 2-4 record into Week 3 of the NFL season and make picks for the Green Bay/Cincinnati, San Diego/Tennessee, and Atlanta/Miami matchups. If you’re going to take our advice (and I highly recommend that you don’t) please remember to gamble responsibly.

YouTube Advent – Sep 16-20, 2013

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Movies, Sports, T.V.

If this is your first time clicking on the YouTube Advent, basically I start the week off by giving you five videos that you can watch if you’re feeling stressed at work, feeling down, or just want to procrastinate. Treat it like an advent calendar where you can either watch one video a day or you can binge-watch all of them at once. Either way, enjoy!

NFL Fail – The only reason why I’m putting this up is because after another disastrous weekend of legalized sports gambling, I had the same reaction as the guys who had flags thrown at them in the clips. I’m still cursing the Cowboys and probably will be for the rest of 2013. (FYI: My buddy Spence and I make weekly picks, which you can follow here, and our overall record is now 2-4; which should mirror the Oakland Raiders by Week 6 but not what you want for a weekly 3 team tease.)

Grudge Match Trailer – Quite possibly the ‘greatest fight that never was’ when it comes to movies would’ve been Raging Bull vs. Rocky. Now, they’re making it happen…33 years after their primes. Seeing Robert De Niro in (what appears to be) an grey and blue argyle sweater with pink sleeves and pink collar and reading glasses on the tip of his nose acting like bifocals isn’t the most encouraging for a good boxing movie. BUT, add Kevin Hart and the movie becomes quite entertaining (well, that and the fact that after watching Mayweather/Alvarez this past weekend, this could very well be the fight that saves the sweet science).

Homefront Trailer – So we’re clear: we’ve put together “redneck” James Franco, “always British no matter what the circumstances and kicking a**” Jason Statham, and it was written by Sly Stallone??? HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS UNTIL NOW?! GET EXCITED!!! EXCITED LIKE ME!! *deeply inhales to calm down*

Better Call Saul 80’s – This almost made my week (I say almost because of the fact that you’ll watch the next clip and see why). 80’s intro remakes first came to my attention by way of The Walking Dead when they mashed it up with Growing Pains. With the recent announcement that Better Call Saul will be getting a spin off, this should be the intro music.

8 Bit Dark Knight – Yes, this is what takes the cake for the week: 8 Bit Dark Knight. It’s hard to believe that this movie is already 5 years old but we’re still holding it as the benchmark for all things future for Batman (apologies to Ben Afflick). The fact that this actually could be a game far better than anything my Game Gear could have provided back in the day is a bit of a slap in the face to the old school but still great to watch.

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Third and Ugh – Week 2

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Sports

Here’s this week’s NFL Point Spread Picks Podcast with my buddy Darren. As always, don’t hold our picks against us (1-2 to start the season) and if you are going to gamble, do so responsibly.


2013 NFL Playoff Preview – NFC

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Sports

Simpsons-NFL-Stereotypes-FinalYesterday, I tried to predict what teams would make it to the playoffs in the AFC (and if you missed it, click here). Today, it’s the NFC’s turn and over the last couple of years, this has turned into the stronger of the two conferences. The combination of tough defenses, solid quarterbacks, and some of the more insane fans around (Oakland aside) makes for a great Sunday afternoon.

NFC East – New York Giants: This pick feels like chalk but at the same time, chalk can easily be erased. Over the last few years, the Giants have looked amazing when playing against tough teams but also can soil the mattress with the best of them. Their schedule is loaded with tough competition and their tough division should mean that they’ll rise to the occasion. They can easily go 6-2 into the Bye week (losses to the Broncos and Eagles aren’t far fetched) and still finish the season 12-4 on the high end. But having said that, if they totally implode it also wouldn’t surprise me.

 NFC North – Green Bay Packers: The Packers, Lions, and Bears should have the best defenses (should) and if you’re looking to pick someone to come out on top you have to go with the best QB of the bunch: Aaron Rodgers. Even if Green Bay loses the first game to San Francisco (which they shouldn’t but IF), they could still be 6-1 by the time they meet up with the Bears (should win) or be 7-1 against the Eagles (maybe even 8-1 going into the game against the Giants in New York). They have the Falcons at home in December (and “Matty Ice” prefers the dome to the elements, which is ironic in that sense) so if you split with the Bears, split with the Lions, drop your first game against San Francisco, and lose to the Steelers and/or Ravens (Ravens might be more likely because it’s in Baltimore), the team could easily finish 12-4 or 11-5.

 NFC South – New Orleans Saints: After “Bountygate” pretty much ruined their season last year, the team will be looking to bounce back in a BIG way. Sean Payton is back at the helm and will (most likely) look to prove a point the same way Bill Belichick went on a tear after Spygate (18 AND 1). They may get off to a rough start (could go 2-4 into the Bye Week) but then they host the Bills, at Jets, home to Dallas (all they should win), and could close out the season with wins against the Panthers (twice), Rams and Bucs. If they start .500 (or better), add on those wins, they can end up 10-6 or even 11-5 if you throw in the two wins against the Falcons and possibly have a ceiling of 12-4.

 NFC West – Seattle Seahawks: This seems to be the pick everyone is leaning on (if not them, then the San Francisco 49ers) but they may have more options this year than the 49ers (better run game and Russell Wilson should be one to watch).  They will obviously be teste4d against the 49ers, Texans, Falcons, Saints, and Giants (maybe even the Cardinals to some extent), but can still finish 12-4 which should lock up the division.

Wild Card – Atlanta Falcons: I’m not the biggest fan of this pick only because of the fact that it seems too easy. The Falcons schedule is such that they could be either 4-1 or 3-2 going into their Bye (3-2 is probably more likely) but should finish 7-2. Their home stretch is going to be the most difficult when their last four games are at Green Bay, home to the Redskins, at San Francisco, home to the Panthers (which, depending on how the season plays out, could mean a little or a lot to both clubs).

Wild Card – Chicago Bears: YES! I’m serious! This could happen! You have a QB who wants a new contract and a new coach who is bringing more offensive elements to the team with a solid defense. They could easily go 4-3 into their Bye week and finish the season 6-3 (maybe go as high as 7-2 if they play hard against the Packers in both games). It might be a bit of a battle but this is highly possible for them. By now, a lot of San Francisco fans are probably losing their minds that I didn’t pick them but know that their schedule is pretty tough, Colin Kaepernick (while accomplishing a LOT last year) never had a full season. If San Francisco falls to 10-6, don’t be surprised.

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2013 NFL Playoff Preview – AFC

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Sports

Simpsons-NFL-Stereotypes-FinalAnother NFL season is right around the corner and I cannot be happier to get my gambling legs off and running to sit back and enjoy the sport that blesses us every Sunday (and once on Thursday and Monday respectively). This year, I’ve decided to try and predict who will be representing each division come playoff time as well as the Wild Cards. I’ve broken it into and AFC and an NFC blog, so if you want the NFC just go here. Let’s get started!

 AFC EastNew England Patriots: This could be an interesting year for the Patriots; no Wes Welker, no Gronk, no Hernandez (and no jokes about this subject because it is very serious…well, at least for now) leads you to rely on Tom Brady being accurate (and healthy) and Bill Belichick doing what he does best. They could easily be 6-3 going into the Bye Week beating up on the Jets (twice), Bucs, Dolphins, and Bills (who are close to calling either me or Tim Tebow to be their week 1 starter). They could finish the season 10-6, which would be their worst season since 2009 but still win the division because of how bad the rest of the teams are.

 AFC NorthPittsburgh Steelers: Even though there’s not a GREAT pick from these four teams to choose, the Steelers might be able to edge out the defending champion Baltimore Ravens. The Browns and the Bengals are still in the 6-10/8-8 categories, which may not win them a Wild Card (OR WILL IT???…probably not) and the schedule isn’t horrible, even if Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t have anyone to throw to (and his coverage may be questionable). Outside their division, they’ll play the Patriots, Packers, Lions, Titans, Jets, Bills, Raiders and Vikings all once and if they go 6-2 (beating on the Raiders, Vikings, Bills, Jets, Titans and Lions) they would need to beat the Browns (doable), split with the Ravens (ditto), take two from the Bengals (highly possible) and they’ll be 11-5 which should clinch it. Their only drawback would be to keep Roethlisberger healthy because their Bye comes early in week 5.

 AFC SouthHouston Texans: Ladies and Gentlemen! Your “Ottawa Senators of Football!” (i.e. The team that looks GREAT during the regular season but can never, ever, get it together in the playoffs for a good push.) Don’t fool yourself; they will get tested in weeks 4 and 5 when they have to take on the Seahawks and 49ers respectively. After that, they really don’t get tested until week 13 (arguably) when the Patriots come to town (and, yes, arguments could be made for the Chiefs if they start off the way they’re predicted to, Colts if Luck doesn’t have a sophomore slump, the Broncos if Manning is firing on all cylinders, and Cardinals if their defense is going). Worst case, they should finish 11-5 but that could fool a lot of people when they’re going up against a lot of bad teams. If they’re able to go 4-2 against the good teams, then they should (finally) make headway in the post season.

 AFC WestKansas City Chiefs: The schedule comes in to play here big time. I originally went with the Denver Broncos because I had them as high as 7-1 going into their Bye week but they can easily go 4-4 in their last eight games because they play KC twice, and then the Patriots and the Texans both on the road. An 11-6 record would be great but if the Chiefs want to contend, they can go 7-2 going into the Bye and come out finishing strong with a 5-2 dropping games to the Redskins and Colts to finish 12-4. But that’s IF they’ve improved as much as we’re being lead to believe.

Wild Card SpotDenver Broncos: For all the reasons why the Chiefs might be able to go an impressive 12-4, it could very easily collapse them to 11-5 (or as low as 10-6) I would have no problem switching them with the Broncos. However, should the Chiefs actually have everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) fall into place, the Broncos would make for a good Wild Card team.

Wild Card SpotCincinnati Bengals: This may sound shocking but hear me out: they start off with a schedule that could leave them one game over .500 by the time their Bye Week rolls around (if they can beat the Browns twice, Dolphins, Lions, Bills, Jets which does seem doable). After that, they have the Chargers (should win), Colts (yup), and Vikings to bring them up to 9-5 and they would (most likely) need to take one against the Ravens (either before or after the Bye; most likely before to get to 7-4 and they could then rest their starters by Week 16 if they know they’ve got it locked up) which would end their season at 11-5. This is probably the riskiest pick but has the potential for an upside for sure.

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Wind Down with R.A. Dickey

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Sports


 The last long weekend kicks off today; for some it’s about moving out and moving on (good luck to all you heading to College, University, or those who just got evicted), and for others it’s the last time they’ll be able to really relax. Thanksgiving is hectic and the Christmas Season Holiday Season can also be a challenge to get in any “me time”. If you’re heading to the cottage/trailer/camping for last time, there’s a book that would make for a great read if the weather is going to be lousy (like it appears to be this weekend here in Timmins): R.A. Dickey’s Wherever I Wind Up.

 For those who don’t know, Dickey is currently the knuckleballer for the Toronto Blue Jays, and possibly one of a handful of bright spots for this club (because the season has been nothing short of a disasterpiece). He’s the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner (which means he’s really, REALLY good) and has been through a lot in order to get to where he is today.

The books does a great job capturing his childhood by reminiscing how life was like to be born to a couple that wasn’t prepared to have a child, growing up with a struggling mother and then going to a private school. R.A. talks about how he managed to survive on his own as an adolescent while his mother was battling her demons and his father was distant, all the while hiding the fact that he was abused multiple times by a babysitter and a random person out on the farm.

From there, R.A. talks about his lack of a UCL (a key ligament in the elbow that, by not having him, cost him a HUGE sum of money) and having to rebuild himself as the knuckleball pitcher he is today. R.A. also goes over the struggles of being brought up and sent back down a number of times, putting his marriage in jeopardy, going to a sports psychologist to overcome his demons, and all the while putting his faith in God and hoping that He would lead Dickey to stability as a Major League Pitcher.

Dickey’s story is nothing short of impressive to read; how he was able to overcome all the obstacles, break himself down as a pitcher and as a human, and build himself back up again to be a constant professional who doesn’t shy away from who he is anymore. In fact, he’s now using his past to become a leader in the community and encourage people, especially kids, to speak out against child-abuse when he’s not working on the most baffling pitch in the game.

At just over 300 pages, Wherever I Wind Up will keep you captivated and is a great way to wind down the summer.

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