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Runner Runner Review Review

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Movies

Runner RunnerEarlier today I was watching cartoons (yes, I’m 30) and this Bugs Bunny episode came on. The weather wasn’t the greatest today so after I was done learning a number of valuable lessons from Bugs, I decided (and was probably influenced) to go and see the new movie Runner Runner with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake (by the way, the lessons I learned from Bugs Bunny include: never tell police EXACTLY how fast you were going and never, under any circumstances, try to race a turtle with a jetpack…it won’t end well).

Before I headed out the door to a cold n’ rainy day to take in a show, I decided to check out how well the movie was doing on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes; both are fairly reliable sources. When I saw the Rotten Tomatoes score of 8%, I originally thought “well, more people just need to see it and bring the score up.” Then I saw the IMDb score and, well, um, yeah…but what do the critics know? I’ll still go and see this for myself.

The overall story seemed a little odd: an ivy league Masters student (Timberlake) loses everything, runs his losses through the computers at Princeton to see what the percentage would be like for him to lose that way (SPOILER: it’s VERY HIGHLY unlikely), somehow has enough cash to fly from New Jersey to Costa Rica and confront the organizer of the online gambling site (Affleck), gets paid back in full AND some for his troubles but decides to stick it out in Costa Rica, work alongside the guy who swindled him originally and all that happens before the feds get involved and chaos ensues. Wow.

Now, before I go too much into detail, let’s talk about some of the positives that this movie has to offer:


Home Alone dad plays a deadbeat gambler instead of a deadbeat alcoholic like in Sharknado! No? Hmm…


Costa Rica looks like a fun place to visit if you hit up a licenced casino and then stay at a luxury hotel! (Look out, Costa Rican Travel and Tourism! I’m coming to work for you!)

Okay, there are a lot of issues with the movie and a bulk of them can be found in just what I’ve written outlining the plot (by the way, what I wrote took them 20 minutes to explain in the movie). I will give Affleck credit for the fact that he didn’t mail it in; he did try to act the part of an online gambling tycoon in Ivan Block. His issue was he probably got sold the part like this:

Agent: “Hey, Ben. We’ve got this great part in a movie where you’re an online gambling tycoon…”
Ben: “Yeah, I don’t think so. I’m trying to focus on this new part I want to get; I’d be working with David Fincher and…”
Agent: “Well, in this one you’d be working with Justin Timberlake AND filming it in a tropical location!”
Ben: “Oh! No way! J.T.?! Man, he has some serious swagger! Okay. I’m in.”
Agent: “Perfect! I’ll send over the paperwork. Oh, also, I forgot to mention this to you earlier. You’ve been considered to be the next Batman! It’s yours for the taking.”
Ben: “Well, if you think it’s the right career choice for me…you think people forgotten all about Daredevil?”
Agent: “Absolutely.”

Aside from the bad advice, I don’t think anybody (including Affleck) could’ve seen the performance that Timberlake brought to the table coming. His portrayal of Richie Furst (the Ivy League Scholar/gambler who lost it all) with zero emotion was pretty much the reason why this movie felt longer than it needed to. Not to hate on JT, but it felt like the only time there was any emotion from him was when he had to try and match Affleck’s level on the pier late at night (if you see the movie, I’ll just say “chicken fat” and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

The movie felt like one long (very long) PSA for anti-online-gambling and just needed the NBC star to flash across the screen at the end. Like I said earlier, the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are a little harsh; it’s not great but not exactly an 8% movie. However, if you don’t want to sit through JT showing everything he learned from the Tara Reid’s School of Acting, watch Rounders for the gambling, The Rum Diary for the “tropical-location-with-a-love-triangle”, and Two for the Money for the “taking-someone-under-his-wing-only-to-exploit-him-and-then-leave-him-like-he’s-yesterday’s-garbage”. The movie didn’t drag on, but did has little action and will not deter anyone from gambling (I know; I checked my phone multiple times and then slammed it down when I realized that the Patriots didn’t cover…but I don’t have a problem).

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YouTube Advent – Sep 16-20, 2013

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Movies, Sports, T.V.

If this is your first time clicking on the YouTube Advent, basically I start the week off by giving you five videos that you can watch if you’re feeling stressed at work, feeling down, or just want to procrastinate. Treat it like an advent calendar where you can either watch one video a day or you can binge-watch all of them at once. Either way, enjoy!

NFL Fail – The only reason why I’m putting this up is because after another disastrous weekend of legalized sports gambling, I had the same reaction as the guys who had flags thrown at them in the clips. I’m still cursing the Cowboys and probably will be for the rest of 2013. (FYI: My buddy Spence and I make weekly picks, which you can follow here, and our overall record is now 2-4; which should mirror the Oakland Raiders by Week 6 but not what you want for a weekly 3 team tease.)

Grudge Match Trailer – Quite possibly the ‘greatest fight that never was’ when it comes to movies would’ve been Raging Bull vs. Rocky. Now, they’re making it happen…33 years after their primes. Seeing Robert De Niro in (what appears to be) an grey and blue argyle sweater with pink sleeves and pink collar and reading glasses on the tip of his nose acting like bifocals isn’t the most encouraging for a good boxing movie. BUT, add Kevin Hart and the movie becomes quite entertaining (well, that and the fact that after watching Mayweather/Alvarez this past weekend, this could very well be the fight that saves the sweet science).

Homefront Trailer – So we’re clear: we’ve put together “redneck” James Franco, “always British no matter what the circumstances and kicking a**” Jason Statham, and it was written by Sly Stallone??? HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS UNTIL NOW?! GET EXCITED!!! EXCITED LIKE ME!! *deeply inhales to calm down*

Better Call Saul 80’s – This almost made my week (I say almost because of the fact that you’ll watch the next clip and see why). 80’s intro remakes first came to my attention by way of The Walking Dead when they mashed it up with Growing Pains. With the recent announcement that Better Call Saul will be getting a spin off, this should be the intro music.

8 Bit Dark Knight – Yes, this is what takes the cake for the week: 8 Bit Dark Knight. It’s hard to believe that this movie is already 5 years old but we’re still holding it as the benchmark for all things future for Batman (apologies to Ben Afflick). The fact that this actually could be a game far better than anything my Game Gear could have provided back in the day is a bit of a slap in the face to the old school but still great to watch.

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July’s False Hope (2013)

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Movies, Sports, T.V.

July 2013 CalendarGrowing up, the worst thing one of my parents could have said to me was “maybe”; as in “Can we please get some ice cream?” “Maybe later.” It was always a no and I wish that they would’ve just owned up to their “no” but followed it up with a logical explanation. A lot has happened this past month that, on first glance, would have you believe there was great promise. Now, I’m going to show you that not everything is July was/is as great as Bluesfest, The Bridge, or Orange is the New Black.

Toronto Blue Jays

Oh, wow. Um. Where to start. July has not been kind to the Jays to say the least. This month, they’re 5-14 and have been swept by the Tampa Bay Rays and the L.A. Dodgers (NOTE: This is being written before the series with the Houston Astros who are 34-66 overall; which means if they Jays lose to them, they should be relegated to the Stoney Creek Little League for next season). The only thing to make this worse is that the Jays have been 9-19 in one run games on the season and in late inning games (8th or 9th inning) have pulled within one run to still lose eight times. If the legal system isn’t careful, the Jays will soon popularize the “Faint Hope Clause” for all the wrong reasons.

Ray Donovan

In the world of “All-Star Television Lineups”, this show was like the 2013 Blue Jays on paper. Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, Paula Malcolmson, Elliott Gould, and the return of Steven Bauer sounded amazing. And it’s on Showtime; HBO’s drunken cousin! AND it was about a cleaner from Boston living in L.A. trying to make good for his family! But you throw in some horrible accents, and unrealistic things said to kids (if you don’t think so, watch the episode “A Mouth is a Mouth”.) Every week the popularity ratings of this show slip a little and with good reason.

Comic-Con – Superman and Batman

When news originally broke about a Superman/Batman movie set for 2015, it sounded like a horrible idea to me from the get-go. The only plot that seemed logical would be Superman got kidnapped and is slowly being tortured by kryptonite and only Batman can now save him.” (STAT NOTE: 4/5 women reading this just clicked away at “plot”.) Instead, there are rumours out now that they’re going to use Frank Miller’s idea of Batman taking on Superman. For some people, this sounds cool…except for the part where both Batman and Superman are in the Justice League which is supposed to come out in 2017. Oh, another thing: Superman will (supposedly) be played by Henry Cavill again and Batman will not be played by Christian Bale. (*fingers crossed for an older Batman played by a rejuvenated Val Kilmer*)

Comic-Con – Walking Dead Trailer

This might be seen as unfair, but after the 4-minute trailer for Season 4 came out, it felt like Facebook exploded with likes and comments about people who are super-pumped for this. Please let me clarify why people should/shouldn’t be excited for this show.

Pro – Zombies die. Con – Everything else.

The storylines aren’t that good, the plots (generally) aren’t the greatest and they’re in a zombie apocalypse and will die. Last season, I actually based whether or not the episode was good on the “talking-to-zombies dying” ratio (i.e. if more minutes were spent on people talking than the overall number of zombies dying, it was a bad episode).

Toronto Maple Leafs

Yes, they are my “team” but two moves happened just before the end of the month that must be noted: 1) The signing of GM Dave Nonis to a five year extension for riding someone else’s coattails (and made me sing this song for some reason…well, the hook at least NSFW); 2) This video. Yup. It happened. *reaches for scotch*

Okay, so July may have had more bad things happen than good but on the plus side, August is right around the corner! I’m not going to dwell on all the bad so let’s take a look at what might be a couple of good things on the horizon.

Breaking Bad

Final season (so boo to that) and this is the promo. (NOTE: When the show creator and writer admitted that he cried while coming up with the finale, you might want to have a box of tissues next to you.)


Yes, I’m aware it’s no longer 2006 BUT if there’s one episode of Mythbusters to catch this year, it’s the day after the premier of Breaking Bad. Here’s why.


July was a bit of a stinker when it came to movies, but August is going to have 2 Guns, Elysium, Disney’s Planes (hey, Pixar does great work, okay!), Kick-Ass 2, and The World’s End just to name a few.

See? It doesn’t seem all bad. Maybe August will be much better than July. Maybe.

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sam jackson

This past week, Samuel L. Jackson took to Reddit to try and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association (which you can read bout here).  He basically set benchmarks so if certain amounts were raised, he would record something for fans. One of those things recorded was the “I’m the one who knocks” monologue from Breaking Bad. Check it out here:

 Now, I love Samuel L. Jackson. I think he would be the greatest hockey coach of all time (apologies to Scotty Bowman) and is phenomenal on Twitter. Read this:

 (Seriously. I would pay for HBO so I can hear “Uncensored Samuel L Jackson Olympic Coverage.” Take THAT, NBC!)

But there’s something about this particular monologue that shouldn’t be messed with.  If you don’t think so, check out Bryan Cranston’s original version as Walter White here:

*picks jaw off floor*
There’s a reason why Cranston has the Emmy and it’s for scenes like this. I hate to say it, but it felt like Sam fell a little flat. I know what he was trying, but I wanted him to channel his inner-Jules. Here’s 5 TV (and one bonus) monologues/scenes that Samuel can do to totally make up for the Breaking Bad bomb.

 Mad Men – Don Draper

Here’s how it goes down when I encounter someone who’s never seen Mad Men:

Me: “You watch Mad Men?”
Them: “Nope. Never seen it.”
Me: “Here. Watch this.”
*plays clip*
Them: “WHATHE-“
Me: “Here’s season one. Call me when you’re done.”

Sons of Anarchy – Jax

This is a great show and it’s really picked up steam after season two (not going to lie, it could’ve been an FX thing, a production thing, or a creative thing but the first couple seasons felt like it was a little cheesy). Love this clip (though a little long) and would love to hear S.L.J.’s take on it.

 Game of Thrones – Littlefinger’s “Chaos” (NSFW – Graphic Content)

Before everyone had their mind blown away by the “Red Wedding”, Littlefinger’s Chaos Theory was the best scene to have happened to Game of Thrones this season (possibly of all the seasons combined). Granted, not really a “true monologue”, Sam Jackson could easily make this just as creepy and disturbing as Aiden Gillen.

 Deadwood – Al Swearengen (NSFW – Language)

Even though it only lasted three seasons, Deadwood is probably one of the most quotable shows (next to cartoons) amongst my friends and Al Swearengen is a total badass! Here’s a good line that makes him seem philosophical (…and a badass!).

Frasier – Bebe

Probably one of the more underappreciated comedies of the 90’s (mostly because Seinfeld was so dominant), Frasier is one of the most popular spinoffs and had some great lines. Here’s his agent going off about how hard she works. Granted, it’s over-acted but if you gave this to Jackson, it would be nothing short of amazing.


(…and speaking of “over-acting”)


BONUS: Any Given Sunday – “Every Inch Speech”

Yes, next to the hockey video, the thought of Samuel L. Jackson as a football coach pumping up the troops with a speech prepared by Oliver Stone is nothing short of amazing. I’d be willing to smash my face off a steel locker to get riled up for “the big game” if Jackson came at me with that kind of passion!  GO GET ‘EM!!! ARRRRRRR!!!!

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Giving You the Happiest “End”

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Movies

End vs End

This summer alone, it feels like we’re being hit hard with similar movies; I don’t mean superhero movies (because companies will always push for either a Superman, Iron Man, Batman, or whatever to drive for a big return): “Oblivion” is trying to compete with “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Olympus Has Fallen” is going up against “White House Down”, even The Rock is competing with himself! The thing with all of these movies is that they’re all action; it’s probably easier to compete with action than anything else. But enter the two “Ends”.

This Is The End:

 The World’s End:

 Okay, now that you’ve (presumably) taken the time to watch both trailers, let’s break this down to see where your $12 should go.

Who’s In It?

This is – Stars everybody/anybody who’s ever made a Seth Rogen/Judd Apatow movie in the past decade plus Rihanna.
World’s – Stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and a whack of other British actors whom you’ve probably never heard of.

Advantage: “This is” – The only reason why this gets the advantage is because of the number of people they can get to do this movie. That doesn’t make it better.

Plot (from what I can gather)

This Is – James Franco is holding a party and it turns into the Apocalypse. Chaos (and HILARITY) ensues.
World’s – One guy grasping at his youth wants to reunite his buddies for one last pub crawl. Turns out, the bar is located in a town overrun by aliens. Chaos (and hilarity) ensues.

Advantage: “World’s” – Face it, this one feels like it was actually thought out and written down. The Seth Rogen model of “get a bunch of buddies together and spew whatever we think is funny and then edit what doesn’t work” model is wearing thin.

Love Interest

This Is – Everyone’s ego.
World’s – Sam (Rosamund Pike….guessing?).

Advantage: This Is – This has nothing to do with the fact that Rosamund looks like she could play Taylor Swift in a movie but more of the fact that the potential narcissism of the “characters” in This Is The End will play out in the movie and could be funny. (…COULD be.)


This is – If you consider celebs falling into a pit action, then yes.
World’s – Half the trailer looks like one big bar brawl.

Advantage: World’s – As great as it is (in theory) to watch Seth Rogen & Co. argue how they’re going to split a Milky Way bar, you know from the past works of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz that the action sequences are going to be funny too.


This is – Yeah. It’s why they’re all together.
World’s – Looks like it…and it appears to involve schoolgirls.

Advantage: World’s – Oh, come on. As if this was even a contest! Think about it: you go to a party with RiRi, what are the odds of you getting within 15-feet before getting tossed aside by her bodyguards? World’s End has a schoolgirl licking face (and, no, that’s not a euphemism).

Booze/Drugs in the movie?

This is – It’s a Seth Rogen movie. Need you ask?
World’s – Booze, most definitely (it’s a freaking pub crawl!). Drugs? Unsure.

Advantage: World’s – This may come as a shocker but just because your movie might have a coked-up Michael Cera doesn’t mean it’s worth the price of admission. However, watching a drunken Simon Pegg fight (what appears to be) intergalactic beings would be.

Final Say – It really looks like if you have only $12 to spend this summer, it looks like “The World’s End” would be a far funnier movie to see and-

*notices email popped up*

*reads email*

*death-stares at email*

Well, like I was saying. The company I work for (that shall not be named out of fear for legal consequences) is doing an advanced screening of “This Is The End”, so if you’re only going to catch one “End” movie this summer, definitely invest your $12 this summer to see that movie!

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Summer Movie Breakdown – Part 1

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Movies

It’s probably a good thing that the world didn’t end in 2012 because 2013 looks to be a GREAT year for summer action movies. For those of you unfamiliar to this breakdown, I try to blend my two favourite summertime activities (baseball and action movies) into one write up. You should know that I rank them not in order of what you should see first to last, but like a starting lineup. Having said that, I do try to take release date into account because the sooner you can see a great movie the better. Just know that what will have power (and by power, I mean lots of action with predictably horrible acting and very little plot) will be in higher demand than those with more story line. It’s the summer; I don’t want to have to think, just want to see things go ‘boom’!

Before I get started, there are four movies that I had to exclude because they were released too early: The Last Stand, Bullet to the Head, A Good Day to Die Hard, Parker, and Snitch. So we’re clear: this would be like telling Steroid-Era Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens “Sorry guys, we can’t put you in our lineup but thanks for coming out to spring training.” Here we go (release date is in parenthesis):

Starting Lineup:

Iron Man 3 (May 3) – Tony Stark returns and nerds could not be happier. This will be a great movie to kick of the summer because the Iron Man movies are always fun, lots of action, and remind me that I can actually tolerate Gwyneth Paltrow (up until this franchise, the only movie I enjoyed her in was Se7en).

Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17) – I’ve come around on Star Trek (not enough that I will watch any of the television series but still) and put this up there as a must-see for this summer. J.J. Abrams gets the best out of relatively unknowns which proves he knows how to direct action (…and is what Michael Bay should be).

G.I. Joe Retaliation (March 29) – I know this will cause a stir so hear me out: as I said, I want to see things go ‘boom’ and turn off my brain. This movie (which has been pushed back more times than a defending Chris Bosh in the paint) will have Channing Tatum and The Rock IN ADDITION TO Bruce Willis. If there is no actual dialogue because they all grunt at each other and stuff blows up, it’s a win!

Fast and Furious 6 (May 24) – Okay, we’re at the heart of the order: all power and no finesse (aka The Manny Ramirez of Film). Here’s how pumped I am for this movie: I’m already looking ahead to Fast7 where there are rumours that Jason Statham will be the next villain! This will be a home run and make my summer (…and possibly get me a speeding ticket). As long as Vin Diesel wants to make other action sci-fi movies that nobody will go and see, this franchise will never die (speaking of  which, we’ll get to that later).

The Tomb (Sep 27) – This is the equivalent to having David Ortiz on your team: you’ll find yourself saying “Please, god, let him either crush one or get a stand-up single. If he tries to leg out a double or triple, it could get ugly.” I had no idea this movie existed but after reading the plot, I’m super excited to see Stallone (a “structural-security authority”) gets wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent to a prison that he so happened to have designed and now has to break out. Check out the cast, you’ll get excited too.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Oct 4) – I’ve been waiting almost a decade for this sequel and I’m super pumped for it. It should be higher because it will actually have a great story line and Robert Rodriguez directing it (Note: I’m of the belief that if Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino need to make movies every 2-3 years. 5-plus years feels a little long, even if their movies are like a fine wine). The only reason why it’s not higher is because it’s listed as “Filming”. To me, that’s an issue because it could get pushed back and not released until December or even early next year (which would be a shame). If it’s released when it’s supposed to be, it’ll be the perfect “fall is here” film.

300: Rise of an Empire (Aug 2) – Back to Back Frank Miller-inspired movies! 300 was a great movie and added a new element of film to make things grittier and appear more realistic (not to mention whenever Greek mythology is involved, people seem to flock towards it). This will be the beginning of the end of summer and has all kinds of promise for a solid movie.

Machete Kills (Sep 13) – Look at that poster!! LOOK AT IT!!! I’ll admit that for the previous two picks I went with story line over “needless violence and things going ‘BOOM’” but THIS brings it back to the basics. And we’re getting TWO Rodriguez films (not movies, FILMS) within a MONTH of one another!  If it wasn’t for the fact that this movie’s out in September, I would have it in the 2 spot (I’m treating it like a rookie with all the talent in the world but just doesn’t understand ‘the game’ yet; stick it in the 8 spot and watch it flourish into a future HOF-er). Scroll through the cast and tell me that you’re not excited to see Mel Gibson play a guy named “Luthor Voz” or Charlie Sheen as “U.S. President”. You can’t! If only this would get released in June, it would be higher up in the lineup for sure.

The Wolverine (July 26) – This is a biased pick; like putting your kid on the field after looking down the bench and knowing Johnny has the possibility to be WAY better in the clutch but, heaven forbid, you hurt the feelings of your kid for the good of the team. Well, Wolverine is MY comic book hero. This cannot be worse than X-Men Origins (and no way it can be worse than a musical) but if it gets on base with a solid single and maybe scores a run, I’ll walk away happy.

Okay, clearly I went on for WAY too long. Click here for part two of the breakdown, also known as “The Benchwarmers”. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter @c_fudali.

Summer Movie Breakdown – Part 2

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Movies

If you happened to have missed Part 1 of the Summer Movie Breakdown called “The Starting Lineup”, click here.

The Benchwarmers (ranked from “Must See but Didn’t Make the Cut” to “Must See if watching the grass grow isn’t an option”) :

2 Guns (Aug 2) – This should’ve cracked the starting lineup but, damnit Wolverine, you and I go way back so you better not disappoint! I see this being “Training Day” meets “The Departed” and couldn’t be happier for the possibility of hearing Denzel yelling at Wahlberg and him yelling back in a New England accent. Everything about the description makes it likable and at the very least the possibility for an SNL parody.

Red 2 (Aug 2) – If you’re in the “The First Red movie wasn’t that good, why make a sequel?” group, please leave. This looks like it’s going to be fun and quirky like the first, lots of explosions, but probably will play it relatively safe and not quite go as far in the ‘action’ aspect as it should. Doesn’t mean I won’t be seeing this in theatres…or on my laptop after I forget about it and then it’s up on Netflix.

Pain & Gain (April 26) – The Rock and Mark Wahlberg teaming up with Michael Bay for an action movie? Should be a slam dunk to have made it into the starting lineup. Should have been. In fact, I’m trying to figure out why it didn’t make it. Comedy, things blowing up, questions surrounding The Rock and Wahlberg possibly using performance enhancing drugs to get ready for their roles and it DIDN’T make the starting lineup?? Wolverine, you better not disappoint. Seriously.

The Iceman (May 3) – This. Looks. Sick. This looks like a combination of “Goodfellas” and “Leon: The Professional”. Every mob movie that involves Ray Liotta, I’m in. You can try to convince me that it’s not going to be good but I’ll talk myself into it. Okay, Wolverine. You HAVE TO be great. Even “great because it’s so bad” great to have taken a starting spot from one of these 4 benchwarmers. Don’t make me regret it like Team Canada sitting Gretzky in Nagano.

Lone Ranger (July 3) – How to make a bad movie decent: Take Johnny Depp, give him LOTS of makeup and hair extensions, get him to learn an accent or regional dialect, cash in.

Man of Steel (June 14) – I want to like Superman movies. I really do. Everyone does. The problem is that they never seem to work out and this one might only because of the fact that they seem to make him “dark”. Superman was never a “dark” character and trying to turn him into The Dark Knight shouldn’t be the way to sell the franchise. The only thing I’m buying is Kevin Costner as a father figure (and I really hope he throws the ball around with Clark).

Kick-Ass 2 (Aug 16) – I will admit that I never saw the original “Kick Ass” and the fact that this one has Jim Carrey as “Colonel Stars and Stripes” has me interested. By the way, Jim, where have you BEEN as of late? You got to get more relevant, man. Stay in the mainstream.

World War Z (June 21) – When the trailer first came out, it looked like it was going to be PERFECT. The Walking Dead would’ve ended, a couple of months passed and no zombie killing, and then BAM! Zombies! Here’s why it didn’t make the competition: too many other great projects got announced. It’s like hitting .450 in grade 7 and then going to high school and hitting .123 because you developed too quickly and didn’t know how to adapt to the changes. Sorry, even with Mr. Angelina Jolie this will be a rental.

Riddick (Sep 6) – Ah, yes. The reason why Fast and the Furious franchise will never go away! As long as Vin Diesel has a burning desire to make this franchise, we will keep getting these. Never. Stop. Riddick.

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