Third and Ugh – Week 5

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Much like last week, this week was an email exchange of football picks between Spence and myself because he has a wedding to attend to (Congratulations to Davis and Soon-To-Be-Mrs.-Davis). Here’s how we broke it down:

Hey Spence,

I guess your ‘Bizarro Week’ has turned into a ‘Bizarro Season’ and a lot of things I’m still trying to make sense of…and you’ll notice that when we go through this week’s lines. Let us begin and (hopefully) come out on top!

Buffalo vs CLE (-4.0) – Wow, do I ever want to get suckered into this one and take Buffalo…
NE vs Cin (-1.0) – REALLY?! New England ISN’T the favourite in this game?! What has Cincy done to be favourites? Take NE!
Det vs GB (-7.0) – Too high of a line.
Sea (-1.5) vs Ind – Yes, Indy is hot right now but they’ve beaten the Jags (ugh) and a 49ers team trying to get it together. SEATTLE!
Phi @ NYG (-1.0) – Giants are 0-4 and favourites? …and I’m afraid to take them.
KC (-2.5) vs Ten – Titans lost their starting QB, KC is undefeated and less than a FG? CHIEFS, BABY!
Jak vs Stl (-11.5) – Too high.
Car (-1.5) vs Arz – Carolina should have this one. Should.
Den (-8.0) vs Dal – I have no reason not to take Denver other than it’s too high.
Hou vs SF (-7.0) – Houston ran the table against Seattle and San Francisco looks like a poor-man’s-Seattle. Hmmm…
SD (-4.5) vs Oak – This should be a SD win.
NYJ vs Atl (-9.5) – Oh, yeah, no…

Okay, so to recap:

New England (+1.0) over Cincy.
Seattle (-1.5) over Indy.
KC (-2.5) over Ten.



Morning Chris,

You would have thought Bizarro anything would work in our favour considering our sub .500 record on normal weeks. Not the case. Damn.

Buffalo vs CLE (-4.0) – Beware buddy. ‘Ol Buffalo is up to its old tricks. And CLE – somehow – is a new team. Not going to touch.
NE vs Cin (-1.0) – What are they thinking?! Are they worried about the NE pass def? They should worry more about CIN losing badly against CLE last weekend. Worst case scenario, this is an ugly win for the Pats. Exactly how they’ve gone to 4-0 and soon 5-0.
Det vs GB (-7.0) – Agreed.
Sea (-1.5) vs Ind – Let’s continue to ride the ‘Hawks.
Phi @ NYG (-1.0) – PHI looks lost at 1-4. The Giants are just awful. Couldn’t even give them home field advantage here. I’d rather put my two dollars into a gum ball machine and reap the rewards of a mouthful of old, stale gum.
KC (-2.5) vs Ten – Really?! Something is going on here. Vegas, is that you hiding behind the curtains. Are you fucking with us again?…
Jak vs Stl (-11.5) – Agreed.
Car (-1.5) vs Arz – The Panthers are coming off a by-week. I like them to take it to ARZ.
Den (-8.0) vs Dal – We have to get on this wagon Chris. Anything under -14.0 pts is now the norm here until proven otherwise. Tony Dungee – former head coach of Peyton’s former Colts – said that the Cowboys play a 4-3 defensive game. This is the same def scheme Payton saw every day in practice for 7 (sic) years. He’s confident the Broncos continue to roll and so am I.
Hou vs SF (-7.0) – Yup, take the points. If only we could take the 3 points too many here and spread them out to the rest of our picks.
SD (-4.5) vs Oak – This should be a SD win. This should be a SD win. …just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?
NYJ vs Atl (-9.5) – Wow, third straight week for ATL against the AFC East. Will it be 3 straight loses? I doubt it, though -9.5 pts is steep.

Okay, so to recap:

New England (+1.0) over Cincy Yes.
Seattle (-1.5) over Indy Yes.
KC (-2.5) over Ten YES.


Best of luck to us (and you) because we all need it….badly.

Thanks for reading and stay connected with me on Twitter: @ChrisFudali.


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