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Mad Props

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Sports

Ah, the Super-uh….Championship Matchup in the NFL (As far as I know, I cannot legally use the title for this event. Even THINKING of the actual title might get me fined by my company). It’s the one part of the year that’s quickly creeping up on the “Un-Official Party Days which needs a holiday revolving around it” days (The two obvious ones: Hallowe’en and St. Patrick’s Day. They need time off built around them; both the day of and the day after. I swear productivity DROPS on the 1st of November and the 18th of March).

Now, gambling on sports is legal in the province of Ontario so this will be a breakdown of the Props Bets that you can choose from if you happen to walk in to your corner store and decide to put a couple loonies down on a card (as always, please do so responsibly…which was also something “recommended” I add as per the discussion I had with our legal department at 106.9 The Bear, which eerily reminded me of Ted). Here’s some of the ones to really look out for:

Joe Flacco – Passing Yards – 265.5 – UNDER – Last time I checked, Flacco’s teammates and fans had the same confidence in him completing a pass as you would letting your drunk friend hit the toilet at 4 in the morning (amazing enough, the facial reaction of those witnessing both events is abut the same). Baltimore will run the ball with Rice.

Colin Kaepernick – Total Passes – 17.5 – OVER – 18 passes in a game should be easy enough for Kaepernick. They don’t have to be pretty (i.e. short screens) but should get up there quickly.

Frank Gore – total Yards Rushed – 88.5 – UNDER – It’s not Baltimore’s Defense that could shut him down, it’s the fact that he may have already exerted all his energy (SIDE NOTE: God bless you, TMZ, for going outside your 30 mile zone and getting to the real story!).

Michael Crabtree – Total Reception Yards – 88.5 – UNDER – (see above TMZ story.)

Total Interceptions – 1.5 – OVER – (Total? As in, BOTH teams?? Pardon me while I do this.)

Longest Pass Completion – 48.5 yards – UNDER – (You expect either Flacco or Kaepernick to make a pass for more than half the field? Umm…no.)

Longest Punt Return – 17.5 yards – UNDER – This is, by far, the shakiest of the picks but still feels like a “too many ‘fair catch’ calls or ‘catch and run for 9 yards’ type of game”. (By the way, all season you only heard about how great the San Francisco defense is and how Baltimore may not have it like they once did but are still a force; why aren’t we prepared for a game that would rival paint drying?)

Total First Half Points – 23.5 – OVER – Easily see this as a “quick out of the gate” game; going into Halftime (I can still say that, right? NFL doesn’t have a gag-order on “halftime”?) if the game is 14-10, that would be a safe bet.

Total Second Half Points – 23.5 – UNDER – This is where the teams have finally buckled down and played tight ball. Don’t expect more than 21 to be scored in the second half.

Good luck to everyone and either way, take Monday off. It should be a holiday anyways.