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Time IS money…

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I was watching the news, there’s always a guaranteed piece about people lining up for “Door Crasher” sales; the ones where “supplies are limited” and “it’s never been this low before” to really get your attention. Then the ‘news’ aspect is to ask people who have been lining up for two, five, even 11 hours before the store opens why? Why must they own *fill-in-the-blank* at the reduced rate in the flyer? (When the better question would be to ask the reporter “Why must you spend 4 minutes on Joe from Renfrew & his story about beating the rush and the deer to get a new receiver?”)

It’s not that I don’t like a sale, everyone does (except when you tell everyone you’re having a sale and then increase the prices only to ‘reduce’ them later…looking at one store in particular…won’t name names, but it’s getting replaced by a bull’s eye).  My issue is a matter of ‘is it worth my time’? I never had an answer for this until I started to do some math. Here’s how you can figure out if a sale is really worth it for you:

1)      Figure out how much is being knocked off; not the percentage, but the actual dollar value (this is key).

2)      Figure out what your worth is. This sounds narcissistic, but at the same time you have to determine what you’re worth. If it’s $20/hour, that’s fine. If you think it’s more or less, adjust accordingly.

3)      Figure out an approximate for time; how long do you honestly believe you will be there for? We’re talking total time: arrival, waiting in line to get in, waiting to grab the item in question, waiting in line to purchase, waiting to leave the store lot and arrive back home (yes, usually I go out for one item at a time so this is easier to factor).

From there, it’s simple math: Total Savings – (Hourly Rate x Time Spent). In the red, stay away. So, let’s say there’s an iPod on sale at $60 off, and you think your time is worth at least $20/hour; your max time should be 3 hours. No reason why your time shouldn’t be valuable either.


David Gettin Lo with K-Lo

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

The third and final date the K-Lo sweepstakes was held at a gem of a restaurant called The Rose Bowl Chophouse.  The food was amazing and a quick shout out to our server Leslie who, according to Kay, really knows her wines!

Kay’s date tonight: David; the only guy that I attempted to do any research on before the date, not for Kay’s sake, but for my own (I wanted to know if that was actually a picture he submitted or someone trying to punk us by finding a random pic from here. Turns out, it’s real and A-mazing!). Now, because the last date just whipped on by (scroll down to the second last paragraph), I took it upon myself to sit at the same table this time and hopefully give Kay a 2-minute warning when I think it should be wrapped up. Here’s how the night went:

7:11pm – David shows up and talks about his dog, the one in his profile picture (fingers crossed that this is the ONLY time they talk pets).

7:16pm – Zoned out of the conversation to notice that the tablecloth at the booth next to us is getting changed over; as in “they’re taking the tablecloth OFF the table to get it washed” (I’ve never been in a classy establishment where they do this with a CLOTH tablecloth! I’m used to the “there’s nowhere left to colour on this brown piece of paper covering the table that could double as a grocery bag” tablecloth. My mind = blown away.)

7:19pm – Dave talks about how he’s a Chartered Professional Accountant and Kay cuts him off to talk about something more important…(…herself.)

7:24pm – Five minutes of accounting talk has gone by (…and it feels like 25. I’m not Gordon Gekko or Mr. Banks so I’m disinterested. Yes, I used a link for those who think I may be talking about THIS Mr. Banks. God, I want a distraction…)

7:27pm – Kay’s putting Dave on the spot about his relationship history. In a word: uncomfortable.

7:29pm – Turns out he dated a girl for 2 months; 1 month in, she got a tattoo OF HIS NAME! (Which made me wonder: “Was the second month of the relationship a fundraiser to pay for laser-removal?”)

7:31pm – Not sure where they got it, but they’re playing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” that sounds like it’s being played by an organ grinder (…and in the wake of recent events, I think we have just the right spokes-chimp for the job!)

7:34pm – Organ-grinder Rudolph ends and the conversation is about his dog and how much he loves her. (…and he’s got a detailed back story! AND photos! Where’s Wendy Daniels?! I need to tag her in to take my place.)

7:37pm – Kay: “Your dog’s name is Mia?! Mine’s named Mika!” *laughs* “Chris! Write that down!” (You got it…)

7:42pm – (I would like to apologize to every parent out there who’s bombarded me with baby pictures in the past. You don’t hold a candle to a pet owner; I am truly sorry.)

7:44pm – (It dawned on me that there needs to be a “Feigning Interest Championship”. Right now, I want Jamie and Dave to square off in a title shot! Each is given 5 minutes with Kay in a No-Sunglasses Allowed Match!)

7:48pm – A bottle of red wine has arrived and because Dave is French, Kay can speak French, and I have no clue about that language, this could get interesting.

8:02pm – Yup. Nothing but French going on now. Hope I can follow along…

8:06pm – Kay: “…je bartended….” (It’s not called ‘the language of love’ for nothing!)

8:08pm – Leslie keeps topping up their glasses of wine; this could be bad…

8:28pm – (I took a break to enjoy my meal and during that time I was told to “write that down” by Kay at LEAST 5 times. This is how a receptionist, who’s probably told to “take a note” 8-15 times daily, drops a subtle eff you to someone like me…)

8:33pm – Back to pet talk (Have I apologized to anyone who has a kid or a family yet? If not, I do apologize. Sincerely.)

8:51pm – The last 18 minutes were a blur BUT the date is over (and within the calendar year!). Dave might’ve been given a raw deal (bad weather, week night, etc) but at the same time there was no break in the conversation and Kay seemed really interested throughout the dinner. Out of the three, Dave may be the dark horse but doesn’t mean he can’t pull away to take this one.

Tom Gettin Lo with K-Low

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The second installment in the K-Lo dates was at Wild Wings East on a night where mother nature tried to ruin it. But, by the power of winter tires and some safe driving, we made it out there!

Kay’s date tonight: Tom. When I first saw his profile picture, I immediately thought he was a wannabe Kevin Federline; to be fair, not this one.  In fact, I was ready to go so far as call him “Jk-Fed” (for “Junior Kevin Federline), but after meeting him in person the picture is nothing close to what I was expecting (however, he did wear the same hat that he has on in the profile picture which makes me wonder: “Does he only own ONE hat? If so, he’s the first person I’ve ever met who owns only one hat. Not sure how I feel about such a person.”)

This particular date happened to be on a Sunday night during football season making my job of paying attention to the date that much more difficult (for those who don’t know, I’m very emotionally and financially invested in the sport). Even worse is the fact that I’m seated right under a 42” high-def screen where the Pats/49ers game is about to start (This is going to be tough, but I want you to know that I’ll never quit covering this date, I’ll give it 110% and would like to thank the lord and savior Jesus for blessing me with these god-given abilities.)

The date starts with Kay and Tom talking about his tattoos and ordering a round of drinks (but my eyes wandered to the highlights from the earlier games; Brandon Marshall seems somber, but more importantly, what is he wearing?! It’s like a sweater and an oversized turtleneck but could be a hoodie! Santa, is it too late to add something to the wish list??). They appear to be having a good back and forth conversation and Kay almost falls out of her chair laughing so hard (Note: this may have been alcohol-related so another round is ordered).

After a couple of cigarettes and bathroom breaks, this date seemed like it was going to be pretty boring and mundane; they typical “so, what do you do for a living?” and “tell me about your family” questions were going to come up but then something amazing happened…..

…something you can only truly experience once in a lifetime….

….ladies and gentlemen…. 

THE BOB COSTAS SWEATER! (see top right corner of blog)

(This in and of itself deserves an honourable mention and I couldn’t have been happier to pass it along to all of those who missed it. Hopefully, your life will now be fulfilled like mine.)

As the date progressed, the conversation seemed to take itself outside a handful more times for some social smoking and a number of bathroom breaks (for me, it was a combination of becoming a master of “Chicken Bone Jenga”, and trying not to obviously watch too much of the Pats/49ers and yell in frustration over Brady’s picks and the Patriots’  fumbles. WHY WASN’T THERE PASS INTERFERENCE CALLED ON WELKER?!?!).

Then after 5 hours (yes, you read that right; 5 hours!), the couple decided to call it a night. Normally, it would be a slam dunk to say that after spending 5 hours with someone they’re guaranteed to be going to a party but this isn’t a normal situation…and there was no sign to get lost like with Jamie. This date was left as a head-scratcher…


Follow the other dates on Twitter @c_fudali or @TheBear1069 The next one is Sunday and if you have a question you’d like Kay to ask on her date, ask via Twitter using #Q4Klo or email and put “Question for Kay” in the subject line.

Jamie Gettin Lo with K-Lo

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First off, Jamie has the unfair advantage: he got to know K-Lo BEFOREHAND by talking to her at length on the phone! (If you were working the stock exchange and knew this like I did, it would be considered insider information and you could be doing Martha Stewart time for SURE.) Tonight’s date was at a very fine restaurant: Al’s Steakhouse. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on some delicious food, very prompt but friendly service and a lively atmosphere.

Prior to the date, Kay went on and on about how she and Jamie connected over the phone, worried about her looks, and read me text messages they’ve sent back and forth. (It was very cute & sweet, but if I had a trigger button so I could recreate the scene from “Scanners”, I would’ve pressed it like a junkie on a morphine drip.)

We arrived right on time and Sam seated Kay in a booth in the corner and me at a table for two directly in front of them. Jamie sent Kay a text saying he was late because he’s lost (he was coming in from Smiths Falls; he gets a pass from Kay for being “fashionably late”).  Jamie shows up five minutes later after getting directions from a server (…sporting his finest white long sleeved Harley Davidson shirt but didn’t smell like stale chocolate and Axe Green like I thought he would.).

Everyone is seated and I noticed that there’s a koi pond next to me (part of me feels serenity, however, a bigger part is wondering why the fish suddenly flock to me. “Are they plotting against me?”….”CAN fish plot against people??” If I was on hallucinogens right now, this would be bad news.)

I place my order and notice that they’ve reached for the booze menu again (NOTE: Sign you’re in a really classy establishment is when the booze menu is bigger than the actual menu! I love Al’s Steakhouse!). At one point I look over from my note taking and realize that they’re looking at me; this isn’t a good sign on any date. It says “we have nothing to talk about” (…wait, never mind. Kay just laughed so hard 3 other conversations in the restaurant stopped cold. Amazing; I’m an ice-breaker.) One thing about Jamie: he has this amazing ability to keep a consistent look on his face. If he was ever told that he won the lottery or somebody ran over his puppy, his expression would never change (Just like Tara Reid’s acting. Yes, I went there because I’m relevant to all things before 2006).

Around 7:30, we have our first “move” of the evening courtesy of Kay! She extended her arm towards Jamie and was scratching her bicep but really trying to grab at his triceps. In a word: smooth. (Not to brag, but the play of the night came when a maitre d’ came up and asked me if I needed anything. I was about to eat a carrot that wasn’t cooked and didn’t pierce it with the fork firing it backwards into the koi pond it gave me a sudden Naked Gun ‘pen-in-the-fish-tank’ reaction mixed with the thought of “there’s so much orange!”)

Once the salads got brought to the table, Kay started to get very animated when telling a story and her hands were flapping; if you know Kay, she can get very enthusiastic when telling a story, but at the same time you’ll get very concerned when she’s holding onto a fork when doing so. (Please, Kay. Put the fork down. We don’t want any causalities and…WHOA! JAMIE JUST SMILED! OH…MY….GOD! AN ACTUAL EXPRESSION CAME ACROSS HIS FACE! This might seal the deal.)

Uh oh. Jamie’s telling a story now that’s really getting to Kay. She’s showing a facial expression I’ve never seen before on her (think of a cross between agony and compassion rolled into one. It’s actually similar to telling Herrington we have a mandatory staff meeting last minute…but I know his is just agony). It looked like he was really striking a sensitive nerve with her until she sent a text saying “He’s way cuter than I ever thought and he thinks the same.” (…at which point I almost fed the fishes processed Grade Triple A beef. I just ate….really, you guys. REALLY?!)

 Jamie excused himself to use the washroom and Kay gave me the universal sign that this date is going to continue (which is the fierce point towards the exit and the angry mouthing of the phrase “Get the F*** out!” Point taken.) It seems that this date is going to continue without my assistance and this gives the other 2 guys some tough competition.


Follow the other dates on Twitter @c_fudali or @TheBear1069 The next one is Sunday and if you have a question you’d like Kay to ask on her date, ask via Twitter using #Q4Klo or email and put “Question for Kay” in the subject line.